Welcome to the PE Digest website.

If you’re interested in P.E and self improvement for men then you come to the right place!

My latest post..

I started this blog to document my journey into the world of male enhancement and self improvement.

Everything you read here on the PE Digest website will probably be written by me.

I’d like to write at least one new post per week.

But I’m not superman ya’ know so it might be every 2 weeks..

If you’re into self improvement too then I hope you learn something here.

The things I like to talk about are..

  • Investing: It’s important men that we try to improve our financial situation. Women don’t like broke bums so I’ll be talking about investing and business ideas that I have which will definitely help.
  • Nutrition: I’ll also be posting articles about nutrition on the PE Digest website. For a while now I’ve been eating super clean. I try to only eat whole nutritious food that isn’t made in a factory.
  • Supplements: I’m also very into supplements that help improve bodily functions.
  • Fitness: When you’re unfit not only do you look like crap but you feel like crap too.

Ever since I got into fitness and started working out I seem to have a new lease of life.

I have more energy and I feel great.

So I’ll be posting lots of stuff about fitness on the PE Digest blog!

Women: No don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t say I’m an expert when it comes to women but I’m quite into the world of PUA as I never used to be that good with women but I’ve gotten a lot better lately.

I’ll probably write about some of the books I’ve read and the seminars I’ve been too.

Male enhancement: I’ll also be talking about the ones to avoid.

On the market today you can buy;

  • Extenders
  • Pumps
  • Weights
  • Pills and all kinds of other stuff

There’s so many products out there for male enhancement and I have a lot to say about them!

So that’s the sort of stuff I’ll be posting about on the PE Digest blog.

If any of those subjects interest you then make sure you come back every week to see what’s new!