It’s no secret.. I’ve wasted a lot of money on pills to try and solve my  problems with no success.

So when I landed on the Extenze website my first thought was..

“Ergh, It’s probably another scam. I should just leave.”

But I’d read a few good reviews about it and my relationship with my girlfriend Emily was hanging on by a thread.

I don’t know how much longer I could expect her to stick around when I could barely get an  anymore.

I mean every now and then I could get one up but whenever I did get an  it was just not that hard and I could lose it pretty quickly.

Of course  is important in a relationship and in the beginning things were great between Emily and me.

We used to do it all the time.

But as I got older things just went downhill.

So I was desperate and I decided to take the plunge and I ordered a 3 month supply from the official website

I had no idea whether I’d just wasted my money or not but there was nothing I could do now apart from keep my fingers crossed.

Around 3 days later a package arrived with the Extenze inside.

Taking Extenze for the first time.

I took my first Extenze pill right away. The directions say to take one per day.

Now I did some research before buying and you’re not really supposed to see the full results right away.

It can take up to 4 weeks or more before you start to notice the full effects so I didn’t really expect to feel anything on that first pill however I must say that around 20 minutes after taking it I did feel more alert and energetic.

Maybe it was a placebo effect, I don’t know but I did feel something.

3 weeks later..

For the first 3 weeks I definitely felt a bit more perked up.

I was finding it easier to get out of bed in the mornings and I felt more energetic.

People at work told me I was looking well and asked me what I was doing or taking.

I told them I was doing yoga. 🙂

For the first few weeks I could feel a gradual build up as if something was happening..

Then one morning out of nowhere as if by magic I awoke to find that I had an !

It was hard as a rock and my  looked BIGGER than I had ever seen it before.

Before that I can’t even remember the last time I woke up to an  it was that long ago.

A few minutes later Emily woke up and the look on her face when she saw my rock hard  was priceless.

I wish I had taken a photo. ?

She rubbed her eyes and said.. “Have you taken something?” ?

I said no and then we had the best  we’ve ever ever had.

It was like we were prison inmates who had just broken out and were having  for the first time in years.

When I went off to work that day I felt like the happiest man alive.

I just couldn’t believe what had happened.

I didn’t want to tell Emily I was taking Extenze yet incase that morning was a fluke so I carried on taking it every day..

2 Months Later..

So it’s been 2 months since that morning when it really started to kick in and I’m almost done with my 3 month supply of Extenze.

Since then the changes I’ve gone through are almost hard to believe.

For a start me and my girlfriend went from barely ever having  to having it almost every day.

The  is better now than it was when we first met because the s I get now are bigger and harder than ever before.

Plus I don’t lose s halfway through  anymore!

Here’s a list of the changes I’ve noticed thanks to Extenze..

I feel younger and more alive. Before Extenze started to kick in it used to take me 15 minutes to get out of bed every morning.

I’d hit the snooze button at least 2-3 times but nowadays as soon as the alarm goes off I’m up and ready for the day.

I just feel 10 years younger so I’ve started working out and eating healthier too.

I’m getting a lot more attention from the ladies at work too, but I’m faithful to my woman so..

Lasting longer. To be honest with you before Extenze I could never really last that long during  before ming.

I wasn’t a one minute man but I’d never last that long.

Since taking Extenze I find that I have more control and can last long enough that my girlfriend can sometimes have an  before I do.

BIGGER and HARDER! One of my main problems in the past was that when I did finally get an  it was usually weak and a bit pathetic but now I find that I get very hard and bigger than when I was in my early 20’s.

I’d say that my  is at least half an inch bigger when it’s hard than it was before.

It feels AMAZING. So this one’s a biggie. As I got older I found that my s were becoming more and more disappointing but since taking Extenze I just get these mind blowing s that feel out of this world and I  a lot more too.

Extenze = the fountain of youth? So that’s probably an exaggeration but I think I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.

Q: Should you buy Extenze?

So my girlfriend was getting suspicious at all the new changes she’s been seeing in me.

She loves all the amazing  and the fact that I’m happier and have more energy to do stuff with her but she was definitely getting suspicious and asked me several times what I was doing or “taking”.

So the other day I finally told her I was taking Extenze.

At first she looked a bit worried and asked me all kinds of questions about whether it’s safe or not but after doing her own research and finding that it’s made up of natural ingredients she’s encouraging me to buy more. 🙂

I feel like Extenze has saved my relationship..

There’s only so long a woman can go without good .

Thanks to Extenze that’s not a problem anymore and our relationship is better than ever.

So thank you Extenze and I just hope that you guys never go out of business because I think with my girlfriends encouragement I’ll be buying from you for a long time to come. 🙂

So yeah I absolutely recommend it 100 PERCENT. ?

Just give it a few weeks to start working because the results you’ll start to see will be nothing short of amazing.

By the way: Be careful because there are a lot of scammers selling FAKE Extenze online.

The official website where I got mine from was

The Extenze Ingredients Revealed..

Before I bought Extenze I didn’t really take much notice of the actual ingredients. I just decided to give it a go.

After using it and discovering how effective it is I decided for the sake of this review to do some digging so without further ado here are the ingredients of Extenze and what they do;

(By the way Extenze has over 25 ingredients!)

Folic Acid – This is actually a B vitamin and is great for cardiovascular health because it helps keep your blood flow consistent which is very important when it comes to treating ED.

Zinc Oxide – Extenze contains Zinc Oxide because it absorbs into the blood better than normal zinc.

Zinc is very important for men because most men are actually zinc deficient.

Men with healthy levels of zinc produce more testosterone which is of course beneficial when it comes to ual performance because men with higher levels of testosterone have higher  drives and more energy.

Micronized DHEA – 99% of men with  have low levels of DHEA dehidroepiandrosterone Extenze gives you 50mg of DHEA per serving to help top up your DHEA levels.

Pregnenolone – To be honest I’m not too sure how this one benefits ual performance but after doing some research I am well impressed with Pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone will help your overall well being.

It’s one of the most powerful memory enhancement supplements known to man.

It helps to reduce stress and make you feel happier as well as increase brain function to make your smarter.

Yohimbe Extract – In some countries Yohimbe is given on prescription by doctors to patients suffering from .

It’s ability to increase  drive and give better and more frequent s can’t be ignored.

Tribulus Extract – Tribulus is one of the most popular natural testosterone supplements in the world of bodybuilding.

Men with higher levels of testosterone rarely suffer from

By increasing your testosterone levels Tribulus will make increase your  drive and make you feel younger and stronger too.

Korean Ginseng – In Asia the Korean Ginseng is known as the  of the natural world. The Asians have been taking it for thousands of years to cure ED problems.

Cnidium Extract – It comes from a seed and men who take this will find that they get bigger s.

It’s also an energy booster as well and many people take this on its own with their morning coffee for a quick boost of energy.

Eleuthero Extract – This ingredient comes from a root and is used in eastern medicine to increase blood circulation to the .

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa – Studies have shown this ingredient to be very effective at treating  and it is also an aphrodisiac which will help you get s more often.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – Also known as GABA this ingredient is naturally produced in the brain but we are often deficient in it.

GABA will help to stabilize blood pressure, reduce fat and help with lean muscle growth.

It’s also great for reducing stress and improving one’s mood.

Deer Antler Velvet – Actual deer antlers can do a lot for a man. It will help to strengthen your central nervous system, improve blood flow and circulation, help you get bigger s and reducing the effects of .

Many men take deer antler on it’s own but you get a good amount of it in Extenze.

Barrenwort Leaf Extract – This is also known as the Epimedium Leaf which is most commonly known as Horny Goat Weed.

Many people consider this natural supplement to be even better than  because it’s completely safe to consume but it’s very effective at getting rid of .

Damiana Leaf – This has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries for men with low  drives because it’s a natural aphrodisiac.

Muira Puama Extract – The bark of the Muira Puama plant actually has many known benefits including joint relief, curing upset stomachs and most importantly for its aphrodisiac properties because men you consume this bark often find that it increases ual desire.

Pumpkin Seed Extract – Scientists discovered that most men who suffer from ED all have one thing in common and that is they are all deficient in something called Manganese which pumpkin seeds contain a lot of so that’s why they’re in Extenze.

Stinging Nettle Extract – Yeah those nasty things that used to sting you when your ball went in the bushes as a kid.. Well they’re in Extenze too.

Seriously though I looked up the benefits of consuming sting nettles and there’s a whole bunch of them but the main one for us is that stinging nettles help increase free testosterone levels which will help to increase your  drive and libido.

Astragalus Root Extract – I couldn’t find anything in the way of how this helps the  however it does seem to be a superfood because it helps with fatigue, improves liver function, helps reduce the chances of getting diabetes and it’s also one of the most powerful natural immune system boosters known to man.

So yeah astragalus root is pretty healthy.

Licorice Root Extract – The root of a licorice plant is actually a powerful aphrodisiac and is also effective at boosting testosterone levels.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride – This is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide when it’s digested. It’s been medically proven to help men get s and maintain them for longer.

Fo-Ti Root Extract – Fo-ti is known as natures anti aging herb. People who take it find that they get more energy, feel younger and that their libido increases.

Boron Extract – One person I talked to about Boron says that he feels like a teenager again since taking it. It works by reducing estrogen levels and increasing free testosterone levels.

As men we want as little estrogen as possible.

I found quite a few people who have been having good results just using Boron on it’s own to help with their ED problems so it’s good to know that Boron is in Extenze too.

Conclusion: It took me a while but I researched every single ingredient that Extenze contains and I’m pretty blown away at how they’ve managed to fit all these powerful ingredients in there.

I hope you found that helpful and I think It all makes sense now why I had such amazing results from taking Extenze.

The Extenze Pros And Cons

So I thought it would be a good idea to list what I like and don’t like about Extenze.

Starting with the Cons;

  • Changes take time. You’re going to need to take the pills for a few weeks before any changes kick in.
  • Non Permanent Results. It would be nice if the results were permanent but if you stop taking it then sooner or later you will go back to the way you were before.
  • Cash flow. When you take Extenze if you want to keep up the effects then you will need to continue being a customer so you may be spending money on it for a long time to keep up the changes.

To be honest though I think the price of Extenze is very fair and it works out to around 50 cents per day which is nothing when you see how well it works.

Now the Pros;

  • It’s a remedy for ED. If you are finding it difficult to get or maintain an  then you need to try Extenze because it will really help.
  • ROCK HARD. I feel like the s I am getting now are bigger and harder than when I was much younger thanks to Extenze.
  • Amazing feeling . I think the best s I’ve ever had have been since I started taking Extenze. They last a lot longer and feel way more intense.
  • Bigger . When I get an  my  is probably about ½ an inch to an inch bigger than it was before.
  • More energy. The ingredients in Extenze will help boost your testosterone levels so you’ll feel younger and have more energy again.
  • The price. Sure you need to keep taking it for it to work but I think the price is pretty cheap when you consider the amazing changes it helps provide.

When you start seeing the amazing changes like I have you won’t want to stop taking it because the best “pro” that I can think of is simply that Extenze does the job.

Your Questions About Extenze Answered..

So I’m sure you’ve probably got some questions about Extenze and I’m going to try to answer them below.

If there’s anything I miss then feel free to ask your question by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

  • How long should I wait before I see results? Some people feel changes right away but for the full effects it took me about 4 weeks or so before I really started to feel them.Is it really safe? Now I’m a bit of a health freak and don’t like putting chemicals in my body. I feel safe with Extenze because all the ingredients are natural and there are no side effects.
  • How long will the changes last? The benefits of Extenze will last for as long as you take it. If you were to stop taking it then I think you will go back to the way you were before.
  • Does Extenze increase  size? Well it will give you bigger s. Personally I have found that my  is about ½ an inch bigger when erect than it ever was before which makes a big difference. But when your  goes down your flaccid  size will remain the same. So I guess you could say it gives you a bigger  but it’s not permanent. I hope that makes sense.
  • There are some more of the common Extenze questions posted here. And again, feel free to ask your questions below if you have any.

Extenze Reviews

Is It Worth Buying Extenze Or Not?

So in case you haven’t already guessed from reading this review I’m loving the hell out of Extenze right now.

It’s the only thing that has worked for me.

Since I’ve been taking it I can finally get an  and actually keep it up.

Plus I feel healthier and more energetic.

So I think Extenze is pretty awesome and if you just give it a few weeks to kick in then you will be impressed.

Just one last thing: I’ve seen quite a few websites selling Extenze and from what I’ve heard there are lots of fake sellers online selling counterfeit stuff.

The official website where I bought mine from is so buy it there and don’t get scammed.


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