So if you’ve ever been to the Pe Digest website before you’ll know that the main topic is pretty much male enhancement and finding out what works.

Because I’ve been trying out these products for some time now I thought I start this page to list the male enhancement reviews that I’ve written to create a sort of hub about what works.

The first review that I wrote was for a product called Extenze which is a really good supplement.

If you read my Extenze review then you’ll know that it has over 25 different ingredients!

That’s what makes it so powerful.

It’s a supplement so if you stop taking it your results will go away. That’s the only downside.

The second product that I reviewed and recommend is called the Penomet pump.

If you read my Penomet review then you’ll know that this product helped me gain almost 2 inches.

It’s very powerful and you can see it working straight away.

It will take some time to get permanent results but it’s worth the wait.

So right now those are the only 2 male enhancement products that I recommend.

Check back soon for more male enhancement reviews because if I find anything else that works I’ll post about it here.