Most of you reading this will probably be familiar with  pumps.

But did you know there are some pumps like the Penomet that are water based which actually makes them safer to use and work better than traditional air based pumps?

How are they safer?

They are safer because the water in the pumps limits the amount of pressure that you can build up.

Too much pressure is dangerous which is why so many guys injure themselves using the old air pumps!

Why do they work better?

Well traditional air pumps compress and expand air unevenly which can result in a wonky looking !

The Penomet uses water which fills up the pump and uses pressure evenly.

The Penomet also has different bases called “Gaitors” which allow you to control the pressure more easily.

How long does it take to work?

Like with most pumps users will see results immedietely.

You can learn more about the Penomet on